Sunday, December 20, 2009

strange days

come down and join us in san diego! going to be a great show ! january 15th

Saturday, December 12, 2009


last weekend i had a show over at crewest gallery in downtown la,and i put up these three pieces. my friends at two rabbits printed them up for me and they came out pretty sick. I only did a small run of each and i have been selling out pretty fast at the gallery. I only have a few left on my etsy store. get em while u can !
apologizes for the bad photos.


some sketches from the upcoming show...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Sneak Peek

here's a sneak peek at one of my piece in the works...

Coming Soon

Strange Days
New Works by Ken Garduno, Eric Davison, & Tom Haubrick
January 15th – February 21st, 2010
Opening Reception with the Artists: Friday, January 15th, 6-10pm

Subtext is very happy to announce that we will kick off our 2010 season with a triple-threat showing of Ken Garduno, Eric Davison, and Tom Haubrick. We’ve had the pleasure of showing their work a few times over the years, but have always wanted to do something on a larger scale. Although their styles vary, their concepts and narrative work share a common quirkiness. Stay tuned for more details.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Word of mouth

the kind people at monzuki did a blog about my work. thanks guys!

and i heard i was on another blog called change the thought. thanks Christopher!

and thanks for reading!

Monday, November 09, 2009

Look Out!

Hey everyone! October sure has been one crazy month... lets see... i did two conventions back to back weekends in l.a. and then up in san francisco, i ate the most amazing doughnut in my life up in s.f., movie hopped 4 movies in one day, celebrated my tattoo shop's 5 year anniversary, made and sold out of my first handmade zine, started my etsy store, and i finally went skydiving. in between i have been slaving away with projects and tattoos on the side. going to be putting up some new tattoo work and illustrations just need to sit down and resize all the pictures.

i've got a few great shows coming up also. this month i have one at the crewest gallery in l.a. going to be doing my first screen prints for this show. excited about this one. and im proud to announce that i will be having a group show in january with my two good friends ken garduno and eric davison, more info to follow soon.

did this one for a flyer of the 5 years anniversary halloween party for nice guy tattoos! you can purchase it on my etsy store which i just posted a bunch of small drawings for you all.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Buy my Stuff!!

the etsy store is up and runnning! i have prints and zines up for sale! originals will be coming soon!

Here is the new zine I did for A.P.E. all hand made and printed by myself. gocco printed covers on rives bfk. It is a collection of 10 small drawings, called two weeks. i only did 10 of these badboys for the expo and they will be gone soon. I will making more in a couple weeks but they will be much different from the first printing.

Thursday, October 08, 2009

A.P.E. 2009...ect.

I'm going to be going up to San Francisco next weekend, October 17th and 18th, for the Alternative Press Expo. I haven't been up since last years expo and i hope this years is just as fun. You can find me at table 541 with ken garduno, selling the remaining prints from comic con along with a couple more ,aaaaaaand a little something im making especially for the convention.

Here are the prints that i did for comic con. i will be putting the remaining ones on my etsy store when i get back form A.P.E.( yes. i'm finally making it easy to order these prints, zines, and original art.)

if you're in the area or are already going come say hi!


i did this piece for the hive tarot card show. was pretty fun to do and took forever to finish.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


this piece was for the show in san diego at subtext gallery. had alot of fun drawing my favorite comic character. want to do more of these once i find time.


i did this piece a few months back for gallery 1988 crazy for cult show. was glad i got a good scan of it before i sold it.

i have a few group shows coming up in the next few months, so keep a look out! also have a few prints i made for comic con left.right now I'm trying to find the best (easy, and least expensive) way to make a shop for selling them. ill keep you posted.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New Zines!!

La Dubla strikes again! last comic con we put together another zine for the world to gaze their eyes upon. this time we asked a few more of our friends to join in and make this zine one of the best ones we've put out so far.

we are selling this bad boy for a mere $5.(plus shipping) help us out so we can fund our next zine... hopefully in time for A.P.E.
the easiest way to get it is to email me here at

the new line up is ...
matt espatman, karen davison, eric davison, lacy mccune, ken garduno, emilio santoyo, travis jackson, and tom haubrick.
check it out, here are a few pages from the zine.

Also for comic con i did a little sketchbook. its 30 pages of doodles and ideas that come to fruition and some that did not.

I've been giving these away with recent purchases of my paintings or prints. if you want one by itself i am selling them for 3dollars (plus shipping).

The Icarus Line

did this poster last week for my friend's band The Icarus Line, and i was happy with the way it turned out on short notice.

you can check out the the line up at silverlake lounge here
and you can check out the band's site here

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Back To Work

After pretty much a month vacation i am back to work full time with my hands full of catching up to do. comic con was amazing as always. saw celebrities, sold some artwork and prints, went to some tron arcade thing, and even saw wolverine talking on a cell phone.

i can't wait until next year. but at least until then there is A.P.E in october...

Last week i just returned from a week long vacation to Portland to visit my good friend Matt. my second time there but definitely not the last. Met some great people, had some great times. After i arrived we visited my friend angela in a little town called astoria on the coast of portland. i thought it sounded familiar and low and behold i find out thats were most of the goonies movie was filmed! one of my all time favorite movies as a kid.

here's the goonie house from afar.

and here are the rocks also seen in goonies. these were a bit south of astoria.

here's a couple pictures from the hiking trip we took to a place called indian heaven. beautiful but after the trip i was covered from head to toe with mosquito bites. well worth it.

i miss it already.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Comic Con 2009

Hey everyone so this weekend i will be down at the comic con in san diego once again with my good friends ken garduno and eric davison. our booth is in isle 800 table f1. i will be selling small originlal paintings, 4 different prints, a sketchbook, and a new zine!! i will put up some pictures when i get back since im doing this blog from my phone and it wont let me upload them. i will also be part of a group show at subtext gallery this weekend i believe they will be open fri sat and sunday for the show. come on down and hit me up!! see you all here!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shows and Sh*t

Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy been a while. so i have some shows coming up in the next two weeks. got one this Thur at 1988 for their crazy for cult show. after that Fri i head out to the Pomona tattoo convention. I'm going to be getting my tattoos on and making some money to spend that week because on Wednesday the 22nd i head down to comic con for the rest of the week. Friday the 24th i have show in San Diego at subtext gallery. going to be a great show about super heroes. cant wait! i will be posting the pieces for those shows after i get back, along with other pieces ive been holding back on posting.

PRINTS ARE COMING!!!!! i will be doing a short run for comic con to sell down there. and when i get back i will be making a few more.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Word on the Street

so its been a busy few months at the tattoo shop, and I've been getting some larger more interesting pieces for my portfolio. I've got a couple shows coming up and have been getting ready for comic con in July. basically I've had my hands full for a while but this summer you will be seeing all the fruits of my labor.

Yes! i will finally be making prints this summer A couple small ones and a few larger ones. I'm still in the middle of deciding which pieces im going to go with. ( if you have any requests let me know. )

Below is a tattoo i did last year but somehow i kept neglecting to put it up. the image was drawn out specifically for Greg's arm. the darker image is one that i took at the shop and the lighter one is a photo of the healed tattoo he took. i definitly need to take more photography lessons. anyone got any tips?

i gotta say thanks again Greg! sorry it took so long to get this baby on here.

Friday, April 03, 2009

New Works..Finally!!

here's a couple of new pieces i just recently did for a few group shows this month. got a few more coming up so keep a looks out.

here's one i did last month for the creep machine's show up in san francisco

this piece was for gallery 1988's "idiot box" show

this piece was for the Hive anniversary show

this one is for the hi-fructose show tomorrow night. this is the biggest piece Ive done so far. (22 by 28) it was a lot of fun and I'm in the works of doing some more larger ones like it. its at corpronason gallery in Santa Monica. come on down if you can make it!
more soon..

Thursday, March 19, 2009

April Show!

you have to come check this show out that I'm in. it's a GREAT line up. thanks again hi-fructose!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


i did this piece for a friend of mine last month. its taken from a pinup done by the amazing elvgren and changed around a little bit. its part of a logo for a cake company. i will post the link up when the site is up and running. thanks erica!

New Shows Coming Soon

alright i'm back in action. after taking a little break to catch up with tattoo work i am back getting ready for some great shows in the next few months. here is a couple of flyers to the shows.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


a bit of a different style for today. i painted a fun design for the tattoo shop to be used for our banner at conventions. i also drew up another version for t shirts we are selling. i haven't worked in color for a while so it was a great change of pace. i will be doing more of these illustrations in the weeks to come because im putting together a set of tattoo flash. once i have them ready to sell i will preview them on here as well. i know some say i should stick to one style but i just cant seem to do that. i have too much fun and like to keep my self challenged in doing so. maybe coming up with a pseudo name is the best route. until then i will keep putting up my tattoo style stuff on here. thanks for looking

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Over Seas

got a new painting in a show in Barcelona coming up. its getting pretty exciting these days for me. the line up is pretty rad so there should be a bunch of great artwork there.
check out their blog!

in other news i was mentioned over at a great blog i was just recently told about. definitly going back there for some great artwork . i already found a few great artists i never heard about from there.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jan 2009 news

all right 2009 off to a good start. ...
my show is up on doing a forum discussion on there so if you got questions send them there. i need to log some hours on the forum.

next im in a show this thursday at gallery 1988 on melrose. should be a great show. if you are in the area early enough stop on by and beat the line.

third i updated my website with all the the new stuff so you can see it there also.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

la dubla blog finally up!

go check it out! a few Friends and i are now contributing to a new group blog

if you don't know...its pronounced la doobla.