Tuesday, September 08, 2009

New Zines!!

La Dubla strikes again! last comic con we put together another zine for the world to gaze their eyes upon. this time we asked a few more of our friends to join in and make this zine one of the best ones we've put out so far.

we are selling this bad boy for a mere $5.(plus shipping) help us out so we can fund our next zine... hopefully in time for A.P.E.
the easiest way to get it is to email me here at haubscomix@gmail.com

the new line up is ...
matt espatman, karen davison, eric davison, lacy mccune, ken garduno, emilio santoyo, travis jackson, and tom haubrick.
check it out, here are a few pages from the zine.

Also for comic con i did a little sketchbook. its 30 pages of doodles and ideas that come to fruition and some that did not.

I've been giving these away with recent purchases of my paintings or prints. if you want one by itself i am selling them for 3dollars (plus shipping).

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