Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011

Comic Con 2011

Yes it is that time again, and things are getting really exciting, real quickly around here. It definitely has been one of the most stressful pre comic con months I can remember. On top of preparing for Comic con , I am in the middle of moving into a new apartment, compiled with the summer tattoo rush at work. it has been fun none the less and i am ready for this week. But yes back to the good stuff... I have a lot of great news to share with everyone this year, about the con so ill just get started

First of all i am one again showing with my great friends Ken Garduno and Eric Davison.
We are at the same booth F1 above row 800.

***The map is on the bottom of this post***
I can't wait for this year because we all have a ton of new stuff to sell


**this is the cover to the test print. actual covers are less contrasty***

This year i have made a new book for you all. I have stepped it since last year and went a bit over board.

5" x 8" beautiful white paper
This book contains over 80 pages of black and white drawings
its a perfect bound book
published by myself.
i will be selling them for only $20 !!!!

i will have more pictures on her after next week. They will be for sale on my etsy store directly after comic con if you are unable to attend this year.


Once again this year Ken Garduno and I put together our annual little brain child of comic con.
These 5.5" x 8.5" zines are limited number of 60. once they are sold out that is it.
We will be selling these for the cheap price of only $5!!
you will not be disappointed!!

This years book is untitled but the theme is women, and we have a number of great artists on board this year doing their interpretation.
Pictures of this zine will be on here next week when i get back into town. Until then, the cover image is up here, done by the amazing Travis Jackson.

this years amazing contributes are...

Tom Haubrick
Ken Garduno
Travis Jackson
Emilio Santoyo
Lacy McCune
Mel Stringer
Eliza Frye
Reece Hobbins
Britt Sanders
Jedediah C Voltz

Thank You all for being a part of our wonderful little zine.


Sunday afternoon I will be doing a book signing at the Zero Friends Booth!! I'm pretty excited becuase this is the first signing I will be doing outside of my own booth at Comic Con!!! Hell Yes and I am super excited that it is at Alex Pardee's Zero Friend Booth. those guys are amazing and have the best stuff for sale.

I will be signing form 3-4 pm with artists Travis Louie, Ken Garduno, and DrilOne.
The Zero Friends Booth number is 5502 below the 500 row. come pick up a copy and get it signed by a lot of amazing artists that will be attending the con. All weekend long the booth will host signings of a good number of great artists from the book here is the schedual!!

Friday - 3 - 4 PM
Alex Pardee, Misha, Eric Tan, Carlos Ramos, Wade Schin

Saturday - 10:30 - 11:30 AM
Luke Chueh, NC Winters, Scribe

Saturday - 3 - 4 PM
Scott C., Mike Mitchell, Kevin Tong, Dan "Mr. Toast" Goodsell

Sunday - 3 - 4 PM
Ken Garduno, Travis Louie, Tom Haubrick, DrilOne

Here is the map !! We are located on top and the zero friends booth is down there at the bottom.

So I hope to see you down in san diego this weekend and I hope you buy a lot of my stuff so i can make back down next year and have a ton of new stuff for you again!!

I have a few shows coming up at eh end of this month and next so i will post those as soon as i get back for you. a few exciting group shows for everyone's enjoyment.
i will post some con pic this year for sure since i found out how to actually do it !!!
see you soon!