Monday, November 09, 2009

Look Out!

Hey everyone! October sure has been one crazy month... lets see... i did two conventions back to back weekends in l.a. and then up in san francisco, i ate the most amazing doughnut in my life up in s.f., movie hopped 4 movies in one day, celebrated my tattoo shop's 5 year anniversary, made and sold out of my first handmade zine, started my etsy store, and i finally went skydiving. in between i have been slaving away with projects and tattoos on the side. going to be putting up some new tattoo work and illustrations just need to sit down and resize all the pictures.

i've got a few great shows coming up also. this month i have one at the crewest gallery in l.a. going to be doing my first screen prints for this show. excited about this one. and im proud to announce that i will be having a group show in january with my two good friends ken garduno and eric davison, more info to follow soon.

did this one for a flyer of the 5 years anniversary halloween party for nice guy tattoos! you can purchase it on my etsy store which i just posted a bunch of small drawings for you all.

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