Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Back in Action

so i put up the website, painted over twenty pieces, tattooed like a madman, took my car into get fixed, contributed to my first zine, made over 50 gocco prints, made about 200 buttons, and the week isnt over yet. all in preparation for comicon this weekend. its going to be a good time. if you are going to go this weekend hit me up and ill tell you what number our booth is. this being my first year i am really lucky to share it with some great talented Friends, ken garduno and eric davison. you can find links to their sites on my site. after this week i should be alot less stressed out and back to turning out the tattoos a bit faster. apologizes to everyone thats been waiting for a bit this last month. i will be a bit more vigilant on updating the site with new paintings annnnnd tattoos. alright back to work....

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Something toStand For

alright! this last week i recieved in the mail a copy of a dvd i did the cover for a few months back. i wanted to thank issa and the people at the saturday team and at peta2 for asking me to be a part of the project. you can go to www.peta2.org and in the spotlight section you can enter to win a copy!
heres some info on it:

Everyone needs "something to stand for," and that is why the good folks at The Saturday Team created a brand-new DVD/CD comp to benefit peta2 with that very name! Something to Stand For features bands such as Anti-Flag, Emery, Strike Anywhere, Bouncing Souls, Lifetime, and Street Drum Corps to get the word out about the horrors of what goes on behind the closed doors of an animal-testing lab.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

the site is down

hey everyone have a happy fourth! i finally took down the site and will be ready with the new site in a few weeks. its taking a bit longer then excpected but thats how it goes... i have a bunch of new stuff up on the myspace so you can check out some of them there until i get the site up. keep your eyes peeled for new work up on here soon too. talk to you soon