Monday, October 13, 2008

Hi Fructose!!

so i have some reeeeeeally Great news everyone. This last week i was featured in the latest issue of HI FRUCTOSE magazine!! Im really stoked about this, being a reader of this mag for quite a while now. its been hard holding my tongue about this.( dont know if i should have actually ) but i wanted to wait and surprise you. haha. its a quarterly mag so it should be on the news stands for a few months. i also tried to have my new website up before the article came out cuz it is a few years over due but i am having more problems then i thought working with the new dreamweaver. for now just keep checking here, the flickr page, or my myspace for new work until i get a little help getting that to work.

thanks atta and annie!

Cover band

i did a piece for a show in the beginning of the month for gallery 1988 and finally got a image of it off the web for you to see. it was pretty tricky coming up with this piece cuz i had to work my way around pre existing images on the original cover. i was pretty happy with the outcome.