Friday, April 18, 2008

B Movie Piece

One night at 3 in the morning i scanned in my piece for the creep machine show in san francisco. The next day after i had packaged and shipped the piece, i went to photoshop the two scanned images together. To my surprise, only one side was fully scanned, and i was left with 3/4 of my painting scanned. Sooooo i jacked this picture off of the creep machine website. The show looks great and i hope it does well. If you are in San Francisco tonight check it out. thanks.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Great News

First off i wanted to thank everyone who came out to ken and my show at the project gallery on march 29th. We had a great turn out and I sold a few pieces, Good times... good times. A few days after I heard about a design blog writing a post about some of my newer work from the show, so i checked it out, and was very pleased. You can see it here on the Art MoCo website.
I was also pleased to hear that the piece i did for the Hollywood apocalypse show the black maria gallery sold. It was my first showing with them, so i am stoked. I have a show in san francisco on the 18th, bummed i cant take a trip up there. im sure its going to be a great show.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Flickr Account

hey everyone. i had a great time the other night at both the project gallery and black maria gallery. thanks to all who showed up for support. ive realized not everyone has a myspace these days and i have been putting a lot of my newer work on instead of updating either my website or this blog. sooooo i just made a new flickr account where everyone can go and check out my work so much easier. here is the link

in other news ....
1.)i will be updating the website before keep a look out.

2.)i have a bunch of new group shows i am going to be part of this upcoming year and another featured spot during summer.