Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shows and Sh*t

Heeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy been a while. so i have some shows coming up in the next two weeks. got one this Thur at 1988 for their crazy for cult show. after that Fri i head out to the Pomona tattoo convention. I'm going to be getting my tattoos on and making some money to spend that week because on Wednesday the 22nd i head down to comic con for the rest of the week. Friday the 24th i have show in San Diego at subtext gallery. going to be a great show about super heroes. cant wait! i will be posting the pieces for those shows after i get back, along with other pieces ive been holding back on posting.

PRINTS ARE COMING!!!!! i will be doing a short run for comic con to sell down there. and when i get back i will be making a few more.


M. DeLeRee said...

Is that Batman piece with the 3 girls yours? (hope so, otherwise I'll look like an ass). It looks great!.

And please do post more art. My budget says "No" but my eyes say "YES"

haubs said...

no thats ken gardunos. pretty rad piece