Thursday, June 11, 2009

Word on the Street

so its been a busy few months at the tattoo shop, and I've been getting some larger more interesting pieces for my portfolio. I've got a couple shows coming up and have been getting ready for comic con in July. basically I've had my hands full for a while but this summer you will be seeing all the fruits of my labor.

Yes! i will finally be making prints this summer A couple small ones and a few larger ones. I'm still in the middle of deciding which pieces im going to go with. ( if you have any requests let me know. )

Below is a tattoo i did last year but somehow i kept neglecting to put it up. the image was drawn out specifically for Greg's arm. the darker image is one that i took at the shop and the lighter one is a photo of the healed tattoo he took. i definitly need to take more photography lessons. anyone got any tips?

i gotta say thanks again Greg! sorry it took so long to get this baby on here.

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Eric said...

Glad to hear that all your work will pay off. Can't wait to see the prints and I need to actually get in and get work from you and not just call you on a spur of the moment like I've done in the past. I still get compliments on my arm and always through people in your direction.

-Fat Eric