Thursday, August 25, 2011

Drifters 2 for sale!!!

Yes!! it is true! DRifters 2 is now finally for sale! buy them on my etsy store **OR** if you dont want to set up an etsy account.. purchase them HERE!!! with payapal!!

(the new la dubla zine is also for sale in my store so if you are looking to buy both i would suggest you order them there. )


over 80 pages of black and white ink drawings
5" x 8" beautiful white paper
perfect bound book


If you interested in buying the book here please read instructions below.

++++PLEAE READ!!+++++

below is a paypal button which gives you two options:

1. $25 price of the book plus $5 shipping within the united states.

2. $35 price of the book plus $10 shipping outside of the united states.

****make sure to choose the correct button for timely orders. since i take care of all orders myself, it takes a little while to sort through everything and get them sent out. thanks !!

drifters2 + shipping

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