Sunday, November 07, 2010

instagram (updated)

so i found this cool application on my iphone called instagram. any one heard of it? check it out here! I've been posting some recent pictures on there of work and on-goings of my daily routine. i have foiund that i can now post pictures on here from my phone but i do not want to litter the blog with a ton of annoying pictures of useless junk. and if you don't know, I'm not really one to start a twitter page so if you are interested in pictures i take, random tattoos i do, and have an iphone.... check it out!( my user name is haubs. )

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Jeremy Forson said...

Instagram is awesome, I haven't used it too much though @jeremyforson. Out of curiosity, I figured out you can blog an instagram pic from your iPhone. Here's how you set it up Once you have that set up, you go to the picture in your photo library, then email it to your blogger email address. Hope that helps man, I'd love to see your tattoo pics.


PS: I had to delete my comment and repost it because I made so many spelling errors it was embarrassing.